Asbestos Air Monitoring - NSW and ACT

Sampling for airborne asbestos fibres is carried out to assess the asbestos health risk associated with the presence of atmospheric asbestos fibres in workplaces and at construction sites. SWE is NATA accredited for the analysis of asbestos fibre samples collected from air monitoring and testing.


Asbestos air monitoring is in general carried out to asssess and ensure the implementation of appropriate asbestos controls during the removal of friable and/or bonded asbestos containing materials. Asbestos air testing can also be carried out to assess the occupational exposure of workers that may be affected by asbestos fibres at their place of work whilst carrying out there work-related tasks.

Background Asbestos Air Monitoring is typically carried out to assess the presence of asbestos fibres to the atmosphere prior to the removal of asbestos containing materials.

Control Monitoring for Asbestos is the air monitoring carried out in the areas surrounding any asbestos removal project during removal to verify the effectiveness of the engineering controls implemented to ensure that no asbestos fibres escape the asbestos removal zone.

Clearance Monitoring for Asbestos is the monitoring for asbestos carried out at completion of an asbestos removal or remediation project to ensure that there are no airborne asbestos fibres remaining in the removal work zone. The clearance monitoring can also be used to assess whether an area is safe for re occupation after any incident or accident where in situ asbestos materials have been damaged and may have caused a fibre release to the atmosphere.

NATA Accredited Asbestos Monitoring
SWE is NATA accredited to carry out monitoring and analysis for airborne asbestos fibres. All asbestos monitoring in NSW & ACT is required to be NATA certified during the removal of any friable asbestos containing materials (ACM). SWE operates a NATA accredited laboratory where the asbestos air samples are analysed under a phase contrast asbestos microscope to determine the presence and concentration of the airborne asbestos fibres. All SWE personnel is trained in the in-site sampling procedures as well as the laboratory analysis of the samples. SWE can also assist other companies in analysing their asbestos air monitoring samples and provide a NATA endorsed analysis for the asbestos fibre counting.

Asbestos Clearance Inspection
Asbestos clearance inspections are a necessary and integral part of the safe management and removal of Asbestos. Companies depend on these clearances to enable their projects to proceed without unnecessary delays.

Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring
SWE can also provide other occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring and sampling services. We carry out air monitoring for environmental and occupational contaminants and physical hazards such.