Asbestos Inspection, Survey, Register and Management Plan

Asbestos inspection, audits and surveys are carried out to generate an asbestos register in order to assist the management of in situ asbestos containing materials and the safe removal of asbestos from commercial, residential, industrial structures.

SWE's asbestos consultants are highly trained, experienced and qualified to carry out asbestos and hazardous materials surveys in NSW and ACT for compliance and demolition purposes.


SWE is an established Environmental consultancy with over 45 years combined experience in the compiling and delivery of Asbestos reports and registers and more recently Asbestos Management Plans as required by the ACT regulations. Having offices in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra and experience both nationally and internationally SWE are well placed to provide a service that is time efficient and professional. It is a requirement under ACT Dangerous Substances (General) Regulation 2007 for all non-residential properties to have an Asbestos Management Plan including Asbestos register in place.
Additionally, all other States under their respective legislation require that if you are a controller of premises that contains asbestos or asbestos-containing material, you must ensure that a risk assessment and control measures are carried out in accordance the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in the Workplace [NOHSC: 2018 (2005)]. As a controller of a non-residential property you have a duty of care to firstly establish the presence or absence of asbestos (Asbestos Survey) and then undertake to control the hazard (Asbestos Report, register and Management Plan) so as to maintain a safe work environment for the property occupants and all others permitted access or use of the facilities within.

Site Inspection for Asbestos Containing Materials
The asbestos inspection entails an onsite presence for sampling of suspected asbestos materials, data recording and risk assessments which are then combined along with the analytical results of the samples to compile the Asbestos Register, Report and/or Management Plan. Having offices in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra SWE are well placed to provide a quality service that is time efficient and professional

Asbestos Survey and Audits
SWE can provide highly trained and competent consultants to carry out asbestos surveys of a range of different properties. Our consultants has experience in surveying residential, commercial and industrial properties and larger property portfolios. We have extensive experience with Defence property as well as properties managed by professional facility managers, property managers and other controllers of premises and buildings.

Asbestos Management Plan
An Asbestos Management Plan assists the property manager and the building owner with the ongoing management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) found identified within the building. SWE has over 10 years experience in compiling AMPs for various clients with small and large property portfolios. SWE offer standard AMPs or the development of client specific management plans. The management plan should be made available to building occupants, management, contractors and maintenance contractors and should also be part of the property induction program. The SWE AMPs typically contain the following main sections: - Policy and Commitment Statement: - Responsibilities: - Communications and Awareness; - Management of In Situ Asbestos, Planning for Removal, Managing Removal of Asbestos and Documentation Review.

Asbestos Management
SWE has assisted a number a builders, commercial companies and governmental organisations with their managment of asbestos in the occupational and natural environments or as part of minor or major work projects where the removal and remediation of the asbestos have been required. Most companies and government organisation have little experience with the management of asbestos and asbestos work. It is advisable to seek professionals consultant's, such as SWE, assistant when managing asbestos projects. This will reduce the risk associated with asbestos exoposure, asbestos contamination, public liability and industrial relations issues.

Labelling of Asbestos Materials
Labelling of asbestos materials found within a property is part of the overall asbestos management process and can be provided by SWE. The labelling of asbestos makes it easier to identify and find the asbestos material for contractor, building occupant and other stakeholders.