Asbestos Removal And Remediation Management

Asbestos removal and remediation projects can be managed and organised by SWE on behalf of the builder, owner or tenant to ensure the correct asbestos removal procedures are implemented and to ascertain the health and safety of staff and building occupants.


SWE has assisted a number a builders, commercial companies and governmental organisations with their managment of asbestos in the occupational and natural environments or as part of minor or major work projects where the removal and remediation of the asbestos have been required. Most companies and government organisation have little experience with the management of asbestos and asbestos work. It is advisable to seek professionals consultant's, such as SWE, assistant when managing asbestos projects. This will reduce the risk associated with asbestos exoposure, asbestos contamination, public liability and industrial relations issues.


We can provide a number of established services in relation to the management during asbestos removal. ON a number of large projects, SWE has assisted our clients with third party auditing of the removal process to ensure that the principal/main contractor comply with their OHS requirement to ensure that all removal work is carrried out to compliane. SWE has developed on site audit and reporting protocols to document this process for the client. We can also assist the clients with on site supervision of work, development of technical specification for removal work, control plans, Asbestos Removal Management PLans, Valdiation of Soil Remedation and ongoing asbestos hygiene services such as asbestos air monitoring and clearance inspections.


The asbestos removal control plan is a document required under the Code of Practice for the safe removal of asbestos, to be prepared to assist and docuemnt the correct and safe removal of asbestos. SWE can assist in developing these asbestos removal control plans.