Hazardous Materials Inspection, Survey And Audit

Hazardous Materials inspection audits including asbestos, PCB, lead paint and dust, oxygen depleting substances (ODS) and SMF are typically carried our for demolition projects and renovation works.

This type of audit is typically carried out as a local council requirement as part of the Development Application (DA) process.


SWE can provide highly trained and competent consultants to carry out Hazardous Materials surveys (including Asbestos, Synthetic Mineral Fibre, Polychlorinated biphenyl [PCB] and Lead) for a range of different properties and clients. Our consultants have experience in surveying individual residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as managed/owned property portfolios and building complexes. We have extensive experience with the Australian Defence Force properties including naval, army and airport bases, training camps and ships. Our areas of expertise have also taken us to countries outside of Australia expanding our level of experience and developing strategies to assist clients in managing and maintaining a safer occupationall and/or residental environment.


For major refurbishment and demolition projects it is advisable and required under the Australian Standard for Demolition to have a hazardous materials survey carried out prior to commencement of work on site. In our experience these surveys are worthwhile carrying our even when there has been a previous asbestos or hazardous materials survey carried out to the site, as the access for sampling and intrusive works are more than often restricted when the building is occupied.