Environmental Due Diligence

Due diligence is conducted to understand potential environmental risks and liabilities as part of any sale, purchase or lease.
In the days of buyer beware, do you know what you are getting yourself in for?

Looking at buying or selling land, buying or selling a business, entering or exiting a lease agreement?  Have you considered whether the land or operations associated with the transaction have the potential to cause contamination which can expose owners, purchasers and developers to significant financial and regulatory risk?

There are certain statutory requirements related to the disclosure of certain information about contamination during transactions, however, the principle of buyer beware also applies.  Prior to entering into any agreement it is important to understand if the land is contaminated, if operations have the potential to cause contamination, and the possible clean up or remediation costs associated with any contamination.

SWE can assist the process with:

•    Vendor due diligence assessment
•    Environmental due diligence
•    Compliance audits
•    Hazardous Building Materials Audits
•    Baseline Contamination Investigations
•    Technical Review and Strategic Advice