Site Remediation and Validation

Contamination is remediated to remove unacceptable risks and render land suitable for its current or proposed use.  Remediation is sometimes a requirement of property redevelopment.

Contamination that poses unacceptable risks to human health and/or the environment requires remediation, with the goal of rendering your land suitable for its proposed or current land use.

There are numerous remedial technologies that exist these days to achieve this goal, as listed below and SWE and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.  SWE can also assist developing remedial action plans, assessing remedial options, managing remedial systems/methods, preparing construction environmental management plans or long-term environmental management plans.

•    Bioventing
•    Enhanced bioremediation
•    Chemical oxidation
•    Soil Vapour extraction
•    Air sparging
•    Permeable reactive barriers
•    Off-site disposal
•    Cap and contain
•    Multiphase extraction (MPVE or MPE)
•    Natural attenuation