Underground Storage Tank Assessment, Validation and Management

Poor management of underground storage tanks can pose a significant risk to your business, people and the environment due to fuel loss, leaks and spills.

Leaking underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) are a significant source of soil and groundwater contamination.  Remediation of a leaking system can also be very expensive, especially if leaks have been occurring over a prolonged period.

SWE can assist with the assessment, removal and validation of underground storage tanks.

Removal of the tank is the preferred option for dealing with disused or unwanted tanks as it allows for a more thorough investigation and assessment of potential contamination.  Tank removal and remediation of any residual contamination decreases environmental and human health risks reducing the liability of the person responsible for the site and/or its owner while increasing potential future land-use options.

Both NSW and ACT governments have statutory requirements related to the management and operation of underground petroleum storage system.

SWE can help you understand your obligations and provide the following services:

•    Contamination assessment
•    Tank assessment
•    Tank abandonment
•    Tank removal and remediation
•    Groundwater monitoring and sampling
•    Project management
•    Tank removal validation