Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Workplace OH&S Risk Assessments are carried out to identify, assess and control workplace health and safety hazards.

Our tailored audit protocols are developed to cover both phycical hazards relating to the work environment and the building as well as procedural controls.


SWE promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows your organization to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and can aid in improving overall performance. SWE can provide you with the platform to control and manage workplace/occupational hazards through our comprehensive Workplace Safety Risk Assessments based on Legislative compliance and best practice guidelines.

Our interest is in your assurance that we will work closely with you to create a tool servicable to your needs and duty of care as a Property Owner/Controller/Manager. We can tailor the inspections and Risk Action Plans (RAP) so that they are relevant to you workplace ensuring that duty of care and risk management is ongoing, is understood and is adopted through all levels of the Workplace. Whether it be issues pertaining to:

    1. Access & Egress
    2. Indoor Air Qulaity
    3. Manual Handling and Ergonomics
    4. Emergency Preparedness
    5. Onsite Traffic Management and Pedestrian Zones
    6. Hazardous Building Materials/Dangerous Goods
    7. First Aid and Employee Facilities
    8. Occupational Noise
    9. Hazardous Work Environments (HWE), and so on.
    With over 15 years combined industry experience our OHS Consultants will provide a professional service at a competitive rate.


In the day to day and overall management of a property , occupational and/or workplace health and safety is of paramount importance - if you own or lease a property, property risk management should be an essential aspect of your Safety Management Procedures and Policy. It’s about reducing the risks that can affect your employees, contractors, the public or other authorised parties accessing the property and services. Risk Management if it is to be effective must comply with current regulations and that is how SWE can assist you in achieving a high standard of property risk management. Our inspections deal with the identification of

    1. property risks and hazards,
    2. operationally inherent rsiks and hazards,
    3. safety and emergancy signage requirements,
    4. plant and equipment, .
    5. Onsite Security
    6. Onsite Traffic and Parking and signage
    7. Asbestos / Hazardous Materials in building structure
    8. Boundaries and Property Accesses
    9. Other Site Specific features (e.g Radio frequency towers, confined spaces, Dangerous Goods Storage), and so on. Property Risk Assessments (PRA) are a vital tool in today's demanding scrutiny of health and safety and risk management. With legislation evolving daily to control injury, unsafe practices and insure financial liability Property Owners must remain aware their responsibilities. SWE's PRA enables you to efficiently manage your responsibilities in addressing risks, mitigating hazards and ensuring compliance with current legislation.