Requirement for an Asbestos Management plan for all Commercial and Industrial premises in Canberra, ACT

Under the above ACT regulation, if you are the person in control of non-residential premises built before 31st December 2003, you must have in place an Asbestos Management Plan for the building or site. A person in control is both the owner and the occupier of a work place.

Dependant upon the use and size of the building will depend when the Asbestos Management Plan must be completed;

    Multi-storey commercial premises
    1 September 2008
    Single storey commercial premises
    1 September 2009
    Industrial premises (Class 7 or 8 buildings)
    1 March 2010
    Community or recreational premises (Cl3 or 9 buildings)
    1 September 2010

Quite severe penalties apply for non-compliance to both the owner and/or the occupier and I have been advised by the Minister that the Office of Regulatory Services is planning to undertake pro-active audits of non-residential properties early this year.

The asbestos assessment of the property and the writing of the Asbestos Management Plan must be carried out by a Class A Asbestos Assessor licensed as such in the ACT.

SAFE WORK AND ENVIRONMENTS are an established OH&S and property compliance consulting company that can offer the services of licensed asbestos assessors to assist in complying with the above regulations. We can also assist with property and personnel OH&S, hazardous materials auditing and property compliance reports.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at one of the numbers below for further information and for assistance in complying with these regulations. Further information can be found on the Fact Sheet, New Asbestos Laws for Non-Residential Premises on