Asbestos Testing and Identification - NSW

All sampling and testing of asbestos containing materials are analysed and identified in the Sydney SWE in-house laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA). We can perform sampling and testing of soils, building materials and air for the presence of asbestos fibres.


Asbestos materials can be submitted to SWE for laboratory analysis to confirm whether or not the material contains asbestos fibres.

To have a sample of suspected building material such as fibro sheeting, vinyl tiles, asbestos cement roof sheeting, soil or any other type of asbestos containing materials tested for asbestos in the Sydney Laboratory, please follow the below simple steps:


To check any building material for asbestos...

Follow the below STEPS


Step 1: Obtain asbestos testing sample

Collect a sample of the building material or soil suspected to contain asbestos. We recommend that you contact SWE and contract us to collect the sample to reduce the health risk to you or your employee. If you choose to collect the sample yourself, please read and adhere to the attached safe sampling guidance. Click the link below to open the form:


Step 2: Submit sample(s) for asbestos identification

Carry out safe sampling at your own risk and submit the samples to SWE by filling in the following sample submission form and deliver the sample with the submission form to one of our office. Please ensure that the outer plastic bag is clean with no trace of asbestos to ensure the safety of couriers and our staff. Click the link below to open the form:


Step 3: Payment and NATA Report

Make payment for the asbestos samples as per details in the sample submission PDF and obtain a NATA certificate of analysis for your submitted samples.  

Asbestos Air Testing
SWE can also perform air testing or asbestos monitoring for airborne asbestos fibres. This can be carried out as exposure monitoring, indicative background monitoring or control monitoring during asbestos remediation projects. Contact us for a quote for asbestos air monitoring.



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