Soil Contamination Testing

SWE assist with classification of soil and excavated material, contamination assessments, asbestos in soil assessments, and assessment of acid sulfate soils.

Been told you need your soil testing? SWE can help with the following services and more:

Waste Classification

Have fill/soil material that needs to be removed from site, SWE can help with expeditious assessment and classification in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Click here to find out more

VENM/ENM Sampling

Classification of rock as virgin excavated natural material (VENM) or excavated natural material (ENM) means it can be beneficially reused, kept out of landfill and reduce tipping fees. Click here to find out more

Soil Contamination Assessments

Whether you’re buying land or a business, redeveloping land, or wanting to understand whether your land is contaminated of affected by chemicals, SWE can help with a simple environmental site assessment or more detailed contamination assessment.  Click here to find out more

Asbestos in Soil

Asbestos containing materials such as 'fibro' sheeting are commonly found in soils where fill materials are present as well as where inappropriate demolition and construction have taken place.  Click here to find out more

Acid Sulfate Soils

SWE can help manage acid sulfate soil management plans during excavation, development and waste disposal. Click here to find out more